What Is Education Science? (1)

The steady decline of enrollment of young people in science is cause for concern, and it is in this endeavor that UNESCO’s work in Science Education aims to make a difference. Out of state students seeking certification in their home state must review the requirements for licensure with their state education agency to determine if completion of the Curriculum and Instruction Master’s Degree with an emphasis in Mathematics Education or the Curriculum and Instruction Master’s Degree with an emphasis in Science Education will lead to licensure in their home state.

Assessment in research should be focussed on candidates’ ability to conduct, and report in an academically acceptable way, an independent inquiry into an aspect of their area of specialisation, thereby applying their theoretical knowledge and understanding of this aspect to identifying and/or solving educational problems.education science

In this course, students gain an understanding of educational research and critically analyze resources of research, such as professional journals, Internet sites, technical reports, ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)documents, and reports of professional organizations.

The programs are designed for teachers in K-12 school settings, as well as for curriculum developers and coordinators, district administrators, and those in a variety of alternative educational settings such as museums, zoos, nature centers, and corporate education/outreach divisions.education science

Students specialising in secondary education will qualify as specialist science or mathematics teachers, while students specialising in primary education will be qualified to teach across the school curriculum but with highly valued specialist expertise in science related areas.education science

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