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At the Bachelor’s degree programme in education science, you will combine pedagogics with a social scientific approach to learning and education. These include the ability to be flexible and adapt to changes, manage goals and time effectively, work independently, and be a self-directed learner, work effectively with others in diverse teams, manage projects and produce results, as well as guide, lead, and be responsible to science

Choice-based art education supports multiple modes of learning for the diverse needs of students (Douglas, 2013). Spindler, George, D. The Transmission of Culture,” in Exploring Socio-Cultural Themes in Education: Readings in Social Foundations (Ed. The ADVANCED (7th-10th) version builds on the foundation of the standard version, expanding it by adding 72 lessons and 3 additional projects. Our innovative teaching programs include 80 days supervised professional experience in at least three different education settings. The department offers a BA in Natural Sciences, which provides students with a foundation in pedagogical content knowledge across the science disciplines.

Reports by the American Academy for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), including Project 2061, and by the National Committee on Science Education Standards and Assessment detail goals for science education that link classroom science to practical applications and societal science

The dynamic interplay between digital, biological, and cultural systems calls for a syncretic approach to arts education realized through connectivity, immersion, interaction, transformation, and emergence. In the final two years of your Science and Education program, you will develop skills in classroom competence and spend up to 80 days in supervised teaching in at least three different secondary school contexts. Education students who meet the academic requirements may elect to undertake an Honours program in either their fourth or fifth year of science

It covers the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, although the proportion of each can vary quite drastically among universities. He taught both students and teachers in the United Kingdom and Africa before becoming a Curriculum Developer and later a Director of Science Teacher Professional Development at the Smithsonian Institution. Applicants who have at least 18 hours of completed coursework in the sciences may be accepted into Strand A and complete science deficiencies while earning the graduate education degree. This is a creative book for creative thinkers – particularly those with a passion for technological advances: ‘What should education in a networked age look like?’ (p. 95) – including their use, non-use or abuse in the field of creative arts. These careers are overlapping since education science professors often perform important research, in addition to leading classes for students.