What is the Social Media Marketing?

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Among the different marketing strategies, this is the promotion process that allows us to increase the popularity of SocialBooom, and any service or product online using social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, etc.

Having a presence on networks these days is essential for any business, small, medium or multinational. Any news with other media would take weeks or months for his spread; today is possible to make this almost immediately, thanks to the chance that people share what they like on the internet.

Open a Facebook page or a Twitter account is easy, but if is not make it in the right way can be very dangerous for the company, there is to know exactly how to do it, must exist a deep business plan and know how to implement it; this is exactly what the Social Media Marketing deals with.

The Social Media Marketing is responsible for properly configure the communication channels that allow contact with people and also offer the ability to easily share what they want to communicate.

It is clear that the message should be interesting, have to involve people to encourage people to share it, this communication can be done in different ways, using blogs, videos or news channels. Develop all these social marketing campaigns effectively are one of the Social Media Marketing goals.

Keep in mind that social media are not the most appropriate medium for advertising; people are on social networks with friends to share information, good times, photos and funny videos, etc. Any communication that has the sole purpose of selling a service or product will get the opposite effect and never will be shared between people.

The Social Media Marketing helps the company to develop an effective communication with his followers, avoiding wanting to sell a product or service directly, but listening to the advice and suggestions of the people and offering a solution to their problems.

Plus the Social Media Marketing allows identifying clearly which persons are interested in our products and services to establish a communication channel with the potential clients, without losing time and energy trying to convince the people that are not interested in our services.

Contrary to what happens with offline advertising channels, where in most cases the price is so high that only large companies can implement this in their marketing strategies, the Social Media Marketing is accessible for any company no matter how small.

Until recent years the Internet communication was unidirectional, it means that the company communicated a message and the people didn’t have the chance to interact with the company. With the advent of Web 2.0, there was a revolution on internet because finally, people could actively participate in communications, this should be exploited by companies that are now able to provide advice and after sales service to their customers in a much more economical way.

The Social Media Marketing helps people to take advantage of all the opportunities that internet provides not only as an advertisement channel but also as a channel for the acquired customer loyalty.

Do not forget that the online reputation of a company depends entirely on those discussed in social networks, is essential for a company to know how to find what is said and manage in their favor; this is also handled by the Social Media Marketing.