What Are the Cheapest and Highest Prices for WordPress Websites?

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WordPress is likely one of the most user-friendly content management systems on the web right now, but it can cost some money to get started. If you are going to have your own WordPress based website, you need a domain. In addition, you’re going to need a subscription with a web hosting company so that your website can be put online. All combined, your initial WordPress website real cost won’t be too high if you are using a free theme and you only need basic hosting. In fact, you can actually have a WordPress website put up for free if you use no cost options and don’t purchase your own domain. The fact of the matter is that most users want to have a more professional looking website, so they are willing to pay a lot more for their WordPress based websites. Here are the cheapest and highest prices that you can pay for a WordPress website.

How Little Can You Spend on a WordPress Based Website?

Again, you don’t have to spend any money to run a WordPress website, but there is a catch. First, you have to find a place on the internet where you can host a WordPress website for free. Websites such as offer users the opportunity to have their blogs and website hosted for free. Users can create their own subdomains but ultimately all content will point directly back to the official WordPress website. For those just getting familiar with the content management system and also their risks, free options are the smart way to go. At the same time, if you have a business and you want complete control over your website you should at least get your own domain and pay for your own hosting.

WordPress Themes for Your WordPress Website

The cheapest option for those who want their own WordPress website is a purchased theme. In short, WordPress themes are just templates that you can utilize to make your website look snazzy and present an organized layout. On the low end, WordPress themes can be purchased for as little as $5. More often, you’ll find themes that are sold in the $30 to $200 range. These themes are streamlined, versatile, and very professional looking, so if you’re working with a small budget you can still get a really good looking WordPress website.

Professional WordPress Website Development

On the higher end of the scale are original WordPress websites that get made for businesses that require more tailored solutions. Prepare to pay at least $1,000 for a clean WordPress website to be developed from scratch. It is actually more likely that you’ll pay anywhere from $4,000 to $100,000 on your latest 4.9 WordPress version, especially if you want a website with specialized features, such as live chat support, animations, forums, et cetera. These kinds of websites also take time to be developed. So where you can put up a free WordPress website in a day or download a theme and be ready to launch your website in less than a week, WordPress website development can take months.

How WordPress Websites Compare by Price

You have to consider what you need a WordPress website for before you know the type of price range you need to have allocated for your project. For those that want to sell physical products as a side business, like handmade blankets and baby items, you probably want to pay for hosting, buy a domain, and download a high-quality theme. A hobbyist who writes short stories and wants to post them online for web surfers to read should definitely start with a free WordPress blog and improve site quality and performence gradually. Bigger businesses and entrepreneurs would do better by presenting themselves more professionally with a custom made WordPress website created by a development team. Alternatively, you can make a WordPress website on your own for free, but you do still need to pay to have it hosted.

WordPress has been around for nearly 15 years now and there hasn’t been another content management system that’s even come close with how easy it is to use. Small business owners swear by it when creating their own websites, and even well-known Fortune 500 companies enjoy how easy it is to manage their WordPress hosted content. Even if your budget is small you can have a website that looks exactly the way that you imagined it. Generally, neither the cheapest nor the most expensive options are suitable for the average person. Aim to find a WordPress website solution that is somewhere in the middle.