Types of Office Supplies

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Office Supplies have an important role for the work of agencies, good office equipment, sufficient numbers, diverse types will further facilitate the work of its Complement employees.

For example, if we have a printer machine would make it easier for us to print documents without having to go to computer rental, another example if we have a photocopy machine of course we do not have to bother having to go to photocopy.

The following will explain the Types of Office Supplies that are often used in an agency.

1. Office supplies (office suplies)
(Office suplies) ie objects that will run out of daily use at the office. This object is usually used for writing activities and usually not durable. Understanding depletion does not mean no traces numun can still exist but can not be reused.
Examples of office supplies
A) Miscellaneous papers
B) Ink, glue, wiping rubber, typewriter ribbon.
C) Paper clips, wire clips, staples.

 2. Office equipment

Is a tool used in the administrative work. For example non machine tools, atk.
Examples of office equipment are as follows.
A) desk try
B) desk calendar
C) ruler
D) pen
E) pen holder

3. Office machines (office machine)
All tools used to collect, record, process materials in administrative work that work maknetik, electronic and mechanical. Examples of office machines are as follows.
A) calculating machine

4. Office furniture
Namely the office objects are generally made of strong materials such as wood or steel used for administrative work.

Office desk
A good office desk should meet several requirements, including:

-From the table surface to the floor is not entirely covered, the bottom should have enough legs open for air circulation.
-The surface of the table does not glint so as not to dazzle the employees who wear it.
-The area of ​​the table is not too excessive, because the excessive table area is usually not used to carry out the work but is used for other functions.
-The office table there are several types, dilihar of the size and function of the types of office desk is: