Reliable CDN Services: How to Choose?

Web sites owners who have faced certain problems with the web performance of their online platforms often use a CDN to boost up their speed.

Using a CDN seems to be quite beneficial as you get a unique opportunity to scatter your web files around the world and deliver them to your target audience from the server located not far from their place of residence. However, this isn’t the only pros you may get after having applied for a CDN integration:

  • A CDN is able to reduce a load on your initial server: even if the initial server goes down, you may continue delivering your web content to your target audience by using a server connected to a CDN network;
  • You don’t need to spend more money on the hosting expenses;
  • Your content is protected from bots, scrapers and other kinds of malicious programs;
  • With a CDN, you’re less dependent on traffic spikes and package loss.

Here are only several advantages a CDN network is ready to provide to its users. However, this is a paid service: it means you have to submit a certain monthly fee to a CDN provider to get an opportunity store your content on its servers.

Nowadays, the number of CDN companies is rather big, so you need to be quite selective while choosing the most appropriate CDN vendor. Today, we’re going to share a short list of things to pay attention to while choosing a CDN provide to help you make the right choice.

Several Things to Pay Attention to While Choosing a CDN Vendor

When you’re going to deal with a CDN vendor, take into consideration the following list of characteristics to choose the most suitable one:

  • Performance;
  • Functionality;
  • Price;
  • Quality of service.

Each CDN vendor owns a chain of PoPs scattered around the world. These are data centers where servers used for storing web files are located. When you choose a CDN company, make sure that it has a PoP in the location you are interested in. Get a CDN free trial period to check your web performance while using a CDN provided by a particular company.

The number of CDN services is a standard one. However, every CDN company may offer their clients some unique options like a custom CNAME for secure pages. We recommend you to find a CDN vendor that offers the package of service you actually require.

Paying attention to the price plan of a particular company is quite natural, although don’t let the initial pricing information lead you in the decision-making process.

Finally, choose the company that has a polite and supportive custom service.

These are the list of the characteristics you should keep in your mind while choosing a CDN vendor. We hope that our post will help you make the right choice.