Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Announces Major Zimbabwe Religious Event

The name and image of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome are well known throughout the world with a growing number of people looking to follow his work that can be found on his own satellite TV channels and through his best selling books and daily devotionals. Pastor Oyakhilome is always looking to bring the word of God to as many people as possible and uses as many different forms of media as possible to develop the following of his Christ Embassy; over the course of his time as a well known minister the work of Chris Oyakhilome has seen him bring his successful ministry to the majority of nations across the African continent. On a global level the work of Pastor Oyakhilome has seen his list of followers grow into areas of Western Europe, including the U.K., and a major following has recently been growing in North America across portions of Canada and the U.S.


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome does not limit himself to only preaching to the people who can attend his live events, but has also sought to use as much technology as possible in bringing the word of God to the people of the world; the use of social media is a major part of the work of the Christ Embassy as Pastor Oyakhilome has a Twitter following of over one million users who get regular updates from the Minister. The Pastor has now been working for a number of years in his bid to extend the reach of Christianity to as many people across the planet as possible, including men and women who are open to welcoming the Holy Spirit into their lives. The live events completed by Pastor Oyakhilome have becoming some of the most popular across the world as this religious man has produced a number of impressive healing experiences in those who have often been given little chance of recovery by the traditional medical industry.


The excitement levels of the people of Zimbabwe are now growing after news that has been rumored since 2016 finally appeared of a live appearance by Chris Oyakhilome in the nation to give a communion and service that will bring the Christ Embassy closer to the people of the African nation. The Pastor will appear on May 7th 2017 to give a service of rejoicing he hopes will be a success for those who have already accepted the Holy Spirit and those who are hoping to feel closer to God.


Zimbabwe appears to have been in the thoughts of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for more than a year after he first mentioned the small African nation during a live service taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa. The thoughts of Pastor Oyakhilome have now become a reality with the announcement of the live service and communion taking place at Harare’s National Sports Arena as part of an ever expanding list of live communion appearances that will be broadcast live through the Website of Pastor Oyakhilome’s ministry. Registration is available for those wishing to attend the service in person or stream it live and feel the excitement of the people of Zimbabwe as the religious leader makes his way to the country.