How to Sharing Data Using LAN Cable.

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Most people move data from computer to computer must use flash disk or other external media and it certainly takes a lot of time due to striking out flash disk or external hard drive. Well this time I will share a perfected way for those of you who like to move files or data whose size is gigabytes, and if we use this method, we do not wait a long time anymore.

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Immediately you refer to the article below:

  • The first step of the first course of course you have to prepare two computers that will move the data.
  • The second step of your installation should be to set up RJ45 cable with cross or straight configuration.
  • Next we connect computer 1 to computer 2 with LAN cable

How to sharing among others

The first step you need to do is to set the ip address for both computers.

do the following:

  • Click on star – click control panel – click network and internet – network and sharing center – change adapter setting.
  • Click on local area network – select properties.

Click on Internet protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and then click properties.

  • Click on Use the following ip address then fill it with your ip.
  • Then select ok.

The second step is to disable the password for data sharing.

The trick as follows:

  • Click on star – click control panel – click network and internet – network and sharing center – change advanced sharing settings.
  • In the home or work look for password protecting sharing then you turn off right. (and in addition to password protecting sharing please you to men on all)
  • Then click save.

The third step is to select the folder you want to share, then you right click then select properties then click the sharing tab, then you will be shown as below.

Next you fill the long box with Everyone you continue to click add and you have to change the permission level with read / write, if it is replaced please you click share and done. If you have trouble to sharing data using LAN Cable you can visit this link :

My explanation of “How To Sharing Data Using LAN Cable (peer to peer)”.