How to get solutions for Social science Ncert books for class 9

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CBSE schools have adopted the NCERT textbooks as the main course books for the students. The NCER textbooks are well designed keeping in minds the needs and capabilities of the students from Class 6 to Class 12. Social Science forms a major part of the curriculum of the students until class 10 and further if the student chooses humanities stream. The social science text books include separate textbooks for history, civics, geography, economics and natural disaster management. Each of these text books contain a number of questions at the end of each chapter that are meant to be solved by the students after they are done with the theory part. However to maintain a track of their knowledge and the progress, the students often need a solution manual to tally the answers. This has given rise to many sources that offer solutions to the questions that are given on the NCERT text books.


Social Science is a comprehensive subject and deals with a lot of theory rather than mathematics which deals with calculations primarily. Thus the surety factor in the answers of these questions that are found in the Social Science NCERT text books lies in a lower segment. Hence the need for a solution manual for social science textbook is much higher. Also these questions that are provided at the end of each chapter may also provide the students with some additional information on the context that is absent in the chapter content. Thus it is highly vital on the part of the student to solve each of these questions correctly so that he gets the facts right. You can click here for class 9 social science NCERT solutions.

The following are some of the sources that a student can depend on for getting the solutions to class 9 NCERT Social Science books:


Sites like Toppr provide detailed and accurate answers to the several questions that are present in the class 9 NCERT text books. These sites also contain a lot of additional information in the context and it is fun to gain a bit more knowledge while scrolling about. The questions also have links to the sections of the theory part on which the question is framed. The model answers are provided on the sites that help in the correct framing of the answers by the student in the exam hall. The answer format decides on the number of marks that would be awarded to the student. These sites also feature solution videos and additional question banks and sample papers for practice of the students. The solutions have been provided by some experienced teachers and these teachers are readily available for clearing the doubts of the students. You can click here to check solutions for the questions asked in class 9 NCERT books.


The Social Science solution books published by Golden cater to the needs of every student. The solution book can be easily used to get the correct answer to any NCERT question that is present in the class 9 social science book. The solution books come handy for a quick recap before the examination. The to the point answers along with the key concepts and important dates that precede every chapter helps a quick rewind right before the exam. These books also help the students with their assignments since they contain a lot more additional visuals and information. These books have also some marked strategies that would help the students to remember the dates and events lucidly.


Social Science is a subject that requires a constant touch to be good at it. This includes overlooking the dates and events in history to remembering all the facts and figures in geography or even getting acquainted with all the steps and procedures in natural disaster management or as simple as remembering the graphs in economics. The solution manuals help in providing a quick access to all these where the students can easily locate the important data rather than searching around in the whole content. The students should make sure that the solution book is genuine and has good reviews.