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We work as partners with governments and the private sector in developing countries to create a sustainable world where every person has the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life. Herein we provide unbiased, detailed and convincing evidence (microarray, in vitro and in vivo studies) to demonstrate that mTOR/eukaryotic initiation factor 4F signalling plays an important role in follicular growth, particularly the development of thecal cells.

The effect of birth type (single, twin, triplet) and co-twin sex on in vitro developmental competence of oocytes from 6 to 8-week old lambs significantly increased blastocyst development rates for lambs born with a female co-twin compared with a male co-twin.development

Super (1990) said his theory is neither integrated, comprehensive, nor testable, but segmented, formed from a loosely unified set of theories dealing with specific aspects of career development, taken from developmental, differential, social, personality, and phenomenological psychology and held together by self-concept and learning theoryā€¯ (p. 199).development

Super credited Buehler and Lazarsfeld’s longitudinal studies of the work and related lives of men and women plus Davidson and Anderson’s work on occupational histories of a representative sample of American men leading him to want to better understand how career development unfolds and why careers develop as they do (Super, 1983).development

The OECD Development Assistance Committee produces accurate, reliable and transparent development finance statistics The ongoing modernisation of the DAC statistical system contributes to broader global efforts to monitor international resource mobilisation for implementing the Agenda 2030.