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Home is where the heart is, and people from all corners of the country are falling in love with their abodes all over again by adding bits and pieces of technology. Here are three testing tools that are somewhat specialized, but if you know a bit about them, you can impress people in electronics discussion forums. Chinese electronics manufacturers are catching up these days and making more and more sophisticated products of higher and higher electronics

The Associate Electronics Technician (CETa) certification is designed for technicians who have less than two years of experience or trade school training as electronics technicians. Liquid cooling is one of the most effective ways to cool electronics-think of the difference on a hot day between standing next to a fan or jumping into a swimming pool. Representatives from the French company Parrot demonstrate a prototype of their new Disco drone at the opening event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Jan. Candidates for the certification must hold the Associate Electronics Technician (CETa) certification prior to taking the RADAR exam. The Electronics Module program is based on ETA’s Associate level certification, and is divided into five modules. Although I have only seen her set up a Live update She makes the list if not strictly for good work but I dig the cool name.

The Roku LT is a tiny, WiFi-only media streaming device that plugs directly into your TV. It utilizes your existing home WiFi connection to stream popular video services such as Netflix , Hulu Plus , Amazon Instant Video , Crackle, and even Angry Birds.

It means you need to make R for the hot mine scenario about 2/3 of what it would be for the cool office. That review can be found here, -/2011/11/ Unfortunately we had to buy a couple of 5 gallon gas tanks so that we could carry additional gasoline for the dinghy and these were all that was available at the time. Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) is an entry-level certification and is the primary certification and is required for all endorsements in the career field. However, it was designed as a competitor to the Corvette, and the Hawk was a cool looking and powerful vehicle for the time.

The Electronics Associate Digital (EM4) certification is an entry-level credential designed for technicians in the electricity and electronics field. Curtiss-Wright in the next year may introduce new electronics enclosures with special cooling built in to enable designers to use today’s high-power computing modules without modification in embedded systems. Consider additional test gear after you’ve gained some experience in electronics and want to graduate to bigger and better electronicscool electronics