history of marijuana

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For more than 3000 years, many people in Africa and Asia who used marijuana in various dosage forms, there was consumed in the form of cigarettes, sometimes mixed with tobacco, there are also mixed with beef jerky or mixed in drinks. this is list of medical marijuana doctors in florida 

Realizing the danger of the impact that can be caused by the use of marijuana, then by Law – Law No. 22 Year 1997 on Narcotics, the Government set marijuana (alongside opium (and its various derivatives), cocaine, heroin and some kinds of other narcotics) included in the Narcotics Group I ( one) which means only be used for purposes of scientific development and should never be used in any therapy for a potentially very high to cause dependence. this is list of Marijuana Doctors Florida 

Cannabis has many terms among users or junkies like cimeng, rasta, act, some pot, buda sticks, pepen, hawai, marijuana, dope, weed, hemp, hash (hasish), pot, joint, sinsemilla, grass, and hundreds of names other streets are scattered throughout the world for naming marijuana. Just like the term, marijuana is also widely spread in various parts of the country, mainly in the country – a country in tropical and sub-tropical, such as in Indonesia, India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Colombia, Jamaica, the Russian part of South Korea, and the United States (Iowa). Cannabis which in Latin is called cannabis, has some form of tobacco leaves, such as green, there is fingered five, seven, or nine pieces of leaves in any leaf stems. this is a list of Florida Medical Marijuana