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The Department of Science Education at California State University, Chico is committed to providing the North State with the highest quality science education for all learners, programs for teacher subject matter preparation and professional development, and research on teaching and learning to promote scientific appreciation and understanding. Manitoba Education and Training is pleased to present an updated version of the Grade 12 Chemistry: A Foundation for Implementation This document supports the implementation of the general and specific learning outcomes of the updated Grade 12 Chemistry curriculum.

The principal goal of this K-12 science and safety resource is to bring together in one place information often needed by science teachers, administrators, school support staff and division planners to assist in making clear, sound decisions on matters related to safety in the science classroom or laboratory environment.

Through different methods, we push for updating curricula where needed, offering hands-on workshops, providing kits and guidebooks free of charge, training teachers and students alike, and finally helping Member States ensure that a sound basis in Science is not a just scienceeducation science

The idea of the empowering school culture dimension, according to Banks, is the process of restructuring the culture and organization of the school so that students from diverse racial, ethnic, and social-class groups will experience educational equality and cultural empowerment.” Banks notes that to achieve an empowering school culture for minority students and students from low social economic status backgrounds schools must restructure” their culture and science

To help educators prepare for the El Niño Campaign, GLOBE is hosting a series of free education webinars to discuss the mechanics of the campaign, give updates on data collection, and give participants the opportunity to learn science content from experts.

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