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The Square Hollow Section Changed How Steel Buildings Were Built

The Iron Age symbolized the origin of steel. Steel is a mixture of several metals, but most of it is iron. Iron is second to steel which is harder and stronger. In 1856, there was a breakthrough in steel manufacturing, with the development of the Bessemer process, which used oxygen to both harden and strengthen steel.

Maintaining the integrity of structures requires building materials that contribute to both strength and flexibility.

History of Tubular Steel

The properties of tubular shapes have been known since ancient times. Historically, in the late 1900s, some bridges were built on tubular columns made from riveted rolled plates which led to the production of seamless welded circle hollow sections.

After the Second World War, hollow sections of steel were welded together using perfected welding and steel rolling practices.

Square Hollow Sections

Square hollow sections are referred to as tube steel or structural tubing. Square hollow …

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