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The Game Development Advanced Diploma was designed specifically to prepare students for work in the digital game and interactive media industry. Your skills will be developed during the creation of several games in individual and team environments throughout the entire program, highlighted by a final term project where your team conceives, designs, plans, develops, programs and showcases your very own original game title.

We have been awarded PlayStation®First status by Sony (SCEE), providing unique access to Sony’s PlayStation® development hardware (dev-kits) and software (SDK), so we can equip students with industry relevant game technology skills across PlayStation®3, PlayStation®4 , PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation®Portable development development

Chris currently works with Isometric Dreams, StoryBeasts and Hot Cereal working on the upcoming titles ‘Eimear and Randal’, the bizarre eighties adventure ‘MonoDrome’ and ‘Darkside Detective, a project born from one of the Galway Game Jams he helped organise, which is Steam Greenlit and due for release later this development

An innovative gaming and virtual reality laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art software and equipment including motion capture facilities, an audiometric (sound) room, 3D displays, and the latest in interaction devices to allow for the development of high-quality animation, 3D models, sound recording and production, game engines and gameplay code.

The SED meeting seeked to identify key elements and issues, based on local experiences, that African governments, along with their international development partners, can take into account in formulating action plans to turn their cities from manufacturing and trade hubs into innovation hubs and development

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