B.C. Tech Companies Complain Of Shortage Of Skilled Workers (1)

Every morning while on the subway, I skim the same handful of daily roundups of tech industry news. The fact that ad tech businesses now have the right cash flow, profile, profitability, and business model for private equity companies to show interest demonstrates the sector’s maturity and market acceptance, according to Joshua Wepman, a managing director at investment bank GCA Global.tech companies

The figure for Microsoft tech workers of Asian descent is much higher, 35.2 percent, but that number is greatly influenced by the common tech-industry practice of hiring from countries like India and China through the H1-B Visa program for highly skilled workers.tech companies

Tech firms looking to improve customer service might explore messaging apps, which, according to a recent Forrester report , are growing in popularity for brand interaction because they touch on frequency of use, emotional connection, and convenience.tech companies

On a recent Saturday morning, she is among the tech workers, students, recruiters, managers and entrepreneurs gathered at General Assembly, a co-working space and coding program in downtown Seattle, to discuss concrete ways to make diversity and inclusion more meaningful.

Results International, a UK-based mergers and acquisitions advisor, told Business Insider the number of private equity company buyouts of ad tech companies over the past three years has risen from four in 2014, to six in 2015, and to nine in the first three quarters of 2016.

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